Understanding Paperwork

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Understanding Paperwork - FMCSA & DOT

These are a variety of operating authorities and different types of businesses in transportation. They are generally assigned their authority, but they must still wait for “Snail Mail” delivery to arrive to pair the Bond/Trust with the Authority Letter to begin operation.

Authority Letter Same Day Service

We are now able to provide Same Day Authority Letters once you become Active as a motor carrier on the FMCSA and DOT system. You must have both your MC# and DOT # authority letter to physically run your business. We can help you with that!

FMCSA Operating Authorities
  1. Motor Carrier of Property (except Household Goods)
  2. Motor Carrier of Household Goods (Moving Companies)
  3. Broker of Property (except Household Goods)
  4. Broker of Household Goods
  5. United States-Based Enterprise Carrier of International Cargo ( except Household Goods)
  6. United States-Based Enterprise Carrier of International Household Goods
  7. Freight Forwarder Authority
  8. Motor Passenger Carrier Authority
  9. Non-North America-Domiciled Motor Carriers
  10. Mexico-Based Carriers for Motor Carrier Authority to operate beyond U.S. Municipalities and Commercial Zones on the U.S. -Mexico Border
  11. U.S. Motor Carrier Authority-Private Carrier
  12. Foreign Motor Carrier and Foreign Motor Private Carrier